Sunday, August 11, 2013 4:04 PM

    Decided to update my blog since its a long long holiday (National Day and Hari Raya).. got to rest for a total of 4 day inclusive of weekends... Actually who still blogs? Other than those who blog for income, I guess alot of people already stopped blogging.. But I guess I will still do so on and off for myself to read in future...

    One of the major event in Year 2013!! My Dearest Bf Caca wedding... Together with ST Loves, we went to JB to attend and also to be her sisters for her big day!! Was so touched to see her finally wed with SMQ... haha!! I'm sure she will be very happy and blissful with him... =)

    Beautiful ST Loves!!

    With my lovely bf!!!

    Lovely Bf and ST Loves!!!

    Lovely Ex-HP !!! =)

    Ok.... will blog my Europe 2012 soon!! Hahahahha!! Till then!! Byebye!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013 9:38 AM

    Dusting away all the cobwebs on my blog, its been like a thousand years since I last updated... haha!!

    2012 waives byebye to us and here is the brand new 2013~~

    Overall, the Year 2012 was fine for me.. went Europe for holidays *dream come true* =)

    For Year 2013, I want to concentrate taking care of my papa..

    Shall find one day to sit down and really do a blog entry for Year 2012 for HK and Europe trip.. hmmmm shall do it soon one day! =)

    Till then, Bubbye~~

Monday, June 04, 2012 11:59 PM

    It's been a long long time since I really sit down and blog.. Guess I have the time nowadays so decided to start blogging again but how long can this passion last... haha!!! And so.. lets rewind to 2011 whahahhaha!!!! One of the more important occasion when dearest RX and Ah Heng finally tie the knot.. 

    The evils were of coz the sisters for RX wedding.. we gather early in the morning at her house to prepare the Sour/Sweet/Bitter/Spicy dishes for Ah Heng and his brothers.. Not forgetting the signature ceremony.. simple games like The Scrabble Tiles in ICE, the singing song session and biscuits biting I LOVE YOU... Simple yet games full of laughters..

    Adjourned to Sentosa for Photo taking sessions.. super duper hot until the make up nearly melted, the lashes nearly came off.. zzz.. went back to RX place for buffet session and went home to slp and prepare for the night event.. Both Ling and I need to reach the place at 5+ for the make up session.. and started the reception table and also photo taking sessions.. alot picture and I cant possibly post all here.. can view in facebook la.. =)

    Drank alot that day coz its a happy occasion and RX boss was thinking why there are so many lunatics at the next table.. haha!! After the dinner, went to Sembawang for somemore drinks with BC, Ling and Mic... and that pretty sums up the beautiful day~ =)


Thursday, May 31, 2012 5:27 PM

    Everyone seems to have stopped blogging already but to my surprise I saw BF started to blog again but the shallow her is using it to track on her wedding stuffs..

    Maybe I should really start blogging sooooooon~~~=)

Friday, March 23, 2012 12:59 AM



    I guess we got to really take good care of bobby since he will be more prone to falling down ever since the falls that he had at home... Somehow the cheerful and irritating bobby seems to disappear.. Really miss those time where he uses his lousy English to irritate us..

    Was browsing pr blog at work this afternoon.. And she was complaining abt bob walking to our room with his red packet to wish PR happy bday in his lao hong English.. Haha!! When we conversed in English, he will find ways to Join in our conversation.. And when friends come to our house, he will also entertain them.. But now it seems so different...

    Sad to say, he fell at home today again.. Each fall is so crucial and bad for him,. After the fall, I saw the blot clots at his head and skin tearing off at his arm.. And worst experiencing weakness in his legs, he cannot even walk steadily..

    Actually I don't expect much.. Even a 10 or 20% improvement will be good for him... For the time being, dear gods pls help to bless him with good health and pls pls pls don't fall down again..

    My heart aches badly when I see how skinny and how small his legs and arms are.. If there is any sufferings for him, I don't mind Being the substitute .. Just don't let him suffer...

Friday, February 24, 2012 6:19 PM

    2 months into the Year 2012 ~~~

    What was the resolution set? - Dunno.. Its better not to set resolution else you will be so stressed to ensure tat u met the target that you have set for yourself.. haha!!

    First trip of the year to Hong Kong with my sister and friends... 2nd time to this place.. Nothing much to say .. perhaps few pics when I am free.. =)

    No resolution set but rather a wish was made.. hope that it will come true~~

    Scribbling ends here~~ Time to go back to work~ Mad Rush!

Friday, September 16, 2011 3:45 PM

    Our favourite at home... Home Made Mee Hoon Kueh... Guess we took this like in August haha!!! Mum supposed to cook for us but she fell sick on that day and so no choice.. I gotta do and she gave me the instructions~ So stressful.. afraid that it might not be nice after I cook.. but still not bad lar.. haha!!

    Ingredients (all agaration....)

    For the dough~
    500g flour

    Chinese dried mushroom
    Spinach (Heng Cai)
    Fried shallots
    Dong Cai

    1. Mixed all the ingredients for the dough until it forms a dough haha! Water to add progressively until it becomes a dough.. Leave aside.. and before u cook the dough, must knead further to ensure is QQ~

    2. Soak some chinese mushroom
    3. Sliced pork and marinate with soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper
    4. Cut fishcakes and fishballs
    5. Peel veggies and soak in water~
    6. Fried some ikan bilies till crispy..
    7. Leave some ikan bilies in wok and add water ..
    8. Bring it to boil and add all the raw ingredients
    9. Tear the dough into small pieces and put in the wok..
    10. Add veggies..
    11. Should be ready when the kueh starts to float up (haha!!!)
    12. Rinse abit of dong cai and add to the soup

    Note: U can add prawns or whatever variations that you want~ Easy to prepare and good to eat! Hahahaa!!

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